Welcome to my blog!

A massive thank you for supporting me along and taking time to read my photography tips and travel journals!

My name is Sarah. I am the owner of Sunkissed Camera (yes, whenever you see this name, it has to be me). I am an aspiring photographer and am in LOVE with traveling.

I love looking for simple and beautiful things along my journey, be it a little flower, or a beautifully built architecture. I believe that happiness is something that can be created and can be easily found and shared among people.

If you are having any troubles in life or are trying to find happiness around, feel free to follow along or drop me a personal message. I would always be happy to listen and help.

If you are looking for inspiration, feel free to reach out to me as well! Together, we can definitely come up with great ideas!

A few places where I seek for inspiration would be Brandon Woelfel Photography and Renee Roaming’s Travel Photography. These are all great people who have inspired me to do what I like along the way!

Thanks to all the amazing people along the way, I have managed to start up my own travel photography account on instagram, Sunkissed Camera and my Facebook page, sunkissed camera. Hopefully I would be able to share my happiness and my photography with more and more people!

Feel free to throw me any ideas on what you would like to learn about in photography, or anything you would like to see in my travel diaries!

Look forward to starting my journey here!