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Finding your own voice in photography

photo of my finding my own voice

When we talk about the best photographers around, we talk about Jimmy Nelson, Erik Almas, or maybe Brandon Woefel. In this technologically advanced era, among all of these photographers that we look up to, we constantly try to follow others’ styles.

But if we stop and think about it, have we lost our voices in the sea of photographers?

What is photography about? And how can we excel in it?

These are the two things that I ponder on for days and days and days. I spend my spare time looking at the ceiling, trying to understand what I actually am doing; what my photos mean; and more importantly, what my photography means to other people.

One of my friends suggested, “You start by mimicking others, then you start developing your own style.”

I tried this method. Maybe it did work for him, but it surely didn’t work for me. As I tried following other peoples’ styles, I found myself lost in the mist, unable to find my way out, with tons of photos getting extremely similar to what other peoples’ are like.

To me, the more you mimic, the harder it is for you to steer away. 

You would just have gotten so used to what other peoples’ style is, that any other deviation would seem awkward among the rest of the photos that you have, making you go back to mimicking.

As I went along to think about what photography was about, forgetting my meals and nearly skipping my meals, there were two things that were stuck in my head.

Your voice.

and your passion.

These two are the core values in photography, the two things that make people attracted to your photos. If you don’t have a voice behind your photography, people don’t see the meaning inside. If you don’t have a passion there, people won’t feel and experience your photos.

You have to give your photos a meaning and an emotion.

In order to find your own perspective, find a way to present your values to the world, and take photos of something that you love a lot! Or something that urges you to share it to the world!

If you have found it, then congratulations! But what comes next, is equally frustrating.

How do we excel in photography?

The only thing I can say, is to practice, practice and practice. Other than this, there is basically nothing that can suddenly bring you into a good photographer. You could also watch videos and read books about photography to speed up your learning progress.

Doing something okay, takes up maybe a few hours a week, but to do well?

It takes a life-time.


These were just some thoughts on how we could find our own voices among all the photographers that are present. If you are having this problem, don’t panic, don’t be afraid. We all have this problem and there’s nothing to fear of. Stay tuned, and we can all improve together.

If there’s anything you want to learn about or see, please feel free to let me know! I will always be checking the comments here 🙂

If you want to follow on my journey, see more of my photos or learn more tips, follow this blog closely and keep an eye on my photography instagram or shoot me a message on my facebook page!  Feel free to find me on Vero at Sunkissed Camera as well! I am always active on these platforms!




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