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A full guide to taking cloud photography

When it comes to taking photos of clouds, many people tend to think that they should only take photos of the clouds, just because they want to highlight the sense of nature in the photo.

I agree that merely capturing the clouds can be beautiful, but I also think that adding in different elements also help make the pictures beautiful! You can take nice photos of clouds in natural attractions, but you can also take stunning cloud photos in a busy city!

So right not let me teach you a few things when you are planning on taking photos of clouds on a sunny day! Be ready to take some stunning photos in the city!

1. Pick a building and focus on it
It is best to pick a tall building and focus on it. This is because you would be able to capture both the building and the sky at the same time, without having many shorter buildings in your photo.

This keeps your photos neat but at the same time adds some flavor to your photos.

2. Don’t place the building in the center of your photo!
Whenever we are asked on to focus on something, the first instinct we have is to put that focus in the very center. However, this is probably not something good to do if your focus is on the clouds.

I would suggest placing it on the side, like the photo I took below. Notice how the building is not centered, and the cables are located on the left side of the photo. This asymmetrical photo draws viewers to focus on the clouds and the building all together.


3. Don’t be embarrassed! Explore the angles!
As a photographer, you shouldn’t be embarrassed by your pose. Even when I am doing photo shoots, people would walk pass me and look at me. They might see me and my friends posing in front of all sorts of weird locations.

BUT, as a photographer, don’t be afraid of embarrassment! You have to explore all the different angles in order to find the best angle to take photos, especially when you are aiming at taking photos of clouds!

Don’t be afraid! Just keep exploring!

There you go! My full guide on taking cloud photography! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it helpful! If there’s anything you want to learn about or see, please feel free to let me know! I will always be checking the comments here 🙂

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