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What is in my camera bag?

Photo of me

One of the questions that I get from my friends is “What is in your camera bag?” They always think that I have a lot of professional gears that help me take good photos.

But in reality, all that I have is probably the same as what you guys have in hand.

Since I have gotten these questions from my friends, here’s a post dedicated to the things that I bring out during a photoshoot.

1. Tripod
To be honest I rarely use it, just because I enjoy holding the camera myself, instead of relying on a tripod. However, when it comes to taking photos with your friends or basically any photo with you inside, tripods are GREAT investments!

It doesn’t have to be fancy to work. For example, I got mine for around 23 dollars on Amazon, which worked pretty much fine for me!

2. My Camera
Nope, I don’t have a fancy lens, all that I have is basically a kit lens. My camera doesn’t necessary mean an actual camera. Sometimes, I just use my phone instead because it is convenient.

Remember, you really don’t need a professional camera to be a good photographer. As long as you love photography, it will show!

3. A model
Of course, you can’t fit your model into your camera bag, but you have to bring him/her, you know. Unless you are taking photos of scenery, otherwise I think models are always great for photos.

When you take photos of anything, they enhance the authenticity of the photo and makes the dimensions of the background known to the audience. It makes people easily understand how BIG a mountain is, for example, or maybe how tiny a rock can be. They add in all these dimensions to your photos, making it more interesting.

4. A prop
What do you mean by a prop? Do I have to buy some really fancy stuff? Well, the answer is a definite no.

What I mean by props is basically something I think would add some beauty to the photo, or something for the model to act naturally. For me, I love asking my models to text ppl, or maybe just plug in their earphones and listen to music. That makes them act more natural, and makes viewers think that the people in the photos are actually doing something, instead of merely posting for photos.

That’s it?

Yes, that’s it. That’s all I use for my photos.

So, if I can do it, so can you. After all, photography is all about the passion.


So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it helpful! If there’s anything you want to learn about or see, please feel free to let me know! I will always be checking the comments here 🙂

If you want to follow on my journey, see more of my photos or learn more tips, follow this blog closely and keep an eye on my photography instagram or shoot me a message on my facebook page!  Feel free to find me on Vero at Sunkissed Camera as well! I am always active on these platforms!


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