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3 Simple Ways to take Minimalist photos

If you love to simplify all your photos and love to see them EXTREMELY neat and tidy, here’s the right post for you!

I personally love minimalist photos because they don’t distract you by anything else that is not needed in the photo.

While I agree that some photos might look nice with a lot of things going on, minimalist photos are pretty nice too!

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

1. Only focus on one object
Don’t start stuffing everything into one photo! Take photos of each item one by one. This ensures that only one item/person gets highlighted at a time. Not only does it let viewers identify the subject easily, but also gives your photo clean, neat and tidy feeling.

As minimalist means that everything is minimum, you have to make sure that there is nothing unwanted in your photo. For example, try to change the angle of your camera to make sure the person behind you does not get into your photo, or maybe your trash can that is full of trash should be cleared.

2. Your background color should consist of less than three colors
Don’t start thinking that your background should consist of beautiful street art and graffiti! While I think a lot of these street art are beautiful, for minimalistic photos, you would want to limit yourself to three colors in your background.

For example, you can take a photo in front of a monotone background, just like this. I’ve deliberately included the ground to add some colors that match my model’s clothes.


Minimalist Photography
Minimalist Photo

By the way, this was taken with an iPhone 🙂

3. You don’t have to center everything!
Minimalist photos doesn’t mean that you have to center everything! A lot of people think that minimalist means simplifying everything and highlighting my subject, so they place everything in the center of focus. But NO!

In fact, a lot of people enjoy moving around objects to give everything a different perspective. They can be on the side, at the top or bottom of your photos. It really depends on you! So be creative and start taking minimalist photos!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and found it helpful! If there’s anything you want to learn about or see, please feel free to let me know! I will always be checking the comments here 🙂

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