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3 great indoor places to go to in Portland


Over Spring, I went to Portland and YEP, the beautiful place that holds all the amazing outdoor sites you have to see.

BUT, it rained.

As I went online to find nice indoor places that I could take photos in, there were basically none. So, here’s a little post dedicated to cool and instagrammable indoor locations in Portland!


Ruby Jewel Ice-cream!

1. Ruby Jewel
Ruby Jewel is actually an ice-cream shop with the most amazing flavors possible! I personally really enjoyed the Oregon Turtle ice-cream (which is the one in the pictures as shown!)

Not only is the ice-cream yummy, but even the place itself is EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL. The beautiful lights that hang over the ceiling, the wooden chairs, the spacious layout… Everyone just adds up to give you a kind of nostalgic feel! I would say the tone would be perfect if you are down for some nostalgic/brown colored shots!



2. Salt and Straw
This is one of the most popular ice-cream shops in town! I first expected it to have all the usual flavors that we all like, such as cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate… etc. but NO!

They give you really nice and exciting combos such as olive oil, honey lavender and pear and blue cheese. Yep! The one here is pear and blue cheese! Within the sweet pear flavor, you can actually taste little lumps of blue cheese!

Even though the ice-cream is new and exciting, Salt and Straw also gives you a nostalgic feel. I personally really liked it just because I’m a fan of everything made out of wood!


3. Pine Street Market
Don’t know what to do at night on a rainy day? No worries! You definitely should go to Pine Street Market! There are amazing fairy lights all over the place and a TON of food choices for you as well!

The atmosphere is also nostalgic but is packed with a lot of laughter and smiles. When it’s dinner time, a lot of people gather there to pick their own choices of food! Definitely a good place for a nice little chat with your friends!


There you go! 3 indoor places to go to in Portland! Let me know how you think about this in the comments section down below!

If there’s anything you want to learn about or see, please feel free to let me know! I will always be checking the comments here 🙂

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