photography tips

A beginners guide to taking amazing photos


(Taken with an iPhone 4 which hopefully doesn’t look too bad haha!)

Hi there! I figured out I haven’t been sharing photography tips for some time now. So, I’ve decided to share with you my beginners guide to taking amazing photos!

For beginners, I would recommend using a kit lens first (which basically means the less expensive ones) as

1. they don’t cost that much, which gives you time to think whether you are going into the professional side of photography, meaning that you would probably have to pay for an expensive lens and
2. you can familiarize with those with less settings and then go into the professional ones

Ok! Now you have your gear, so what exactly do we have to know before taking photos?


1. Have plenty of light!!
For a kit lens, you probably would have to shoot somewhere with at least a sufficient light source. This is because you can’t really change the aperture that much (meaning that you might not be able to change the amount of light entering your lens that much.)

I wouldn’t say that you have to do your photoshoots at noon every single day, where the sun is shining bright and the temperature is just high up, but be sure to have a good amount of light in order to take great photos

2. Explore the angles
A lot of people would tend to shoot the subject at the center of focus. However, easy as it seems, it might not be the best way to make your photos look good! Try shooting from the top of an object, or maybe sideways!

Photography can be as creative as you let it be! So play around with different angles and find the best way to take photos!


3. Use the Zoom Range!
Most kit lens should have a zoom range. Most of us would use it, but we often tend to stay on the same range when we try to take a series of photos. However, we should not limit ourselves to merely one range.

Use the Zoom range to your advantage! By zooming in and zooming out, the perspective you get would be totally different, and that would definitely give your photos different flavors! So do play around with the zoom ranges and create different styled photos.


4. Use reflections
Sometimes there are natural reflections around, which enable you to take amazing photos if you learn how to take advantage of them. Some common ones include mirrors, glass and water.

To me, reflections make photos look neater as it seems to make everything more spacious. Learn to make good use of these and you would be able to create nice looking photos.


5. Never NEVER compare to other photographers
This is something that we all tend to do. Looking at other peoples’ work and being jealous of how nicely they take their photos.

This is probably not the best thing to do as it makes you unhappy. Remember, everyone has his/her own styles and it is impossible to compare different photography styles! It is good to be inspired by different artwork, but don’t make it a competition! Photography is all about creativity and happiness!


There you go! A beginners guide to taking awesome photos! Let me know how you think about this in the comments section down below!

If there’s anything you want to learn about or see, please feel free to let me know! I will always be checking the comments here 🙂

If you want to follow on my journey, see more of my photos or learn more tips, follow this blog closely and keep an eye on my photography instagram or shoot me a message on my facebook page!  Feel free to find me on Vero at Sunkissed Camera as well! I am always active on these platforms!



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