My Awesome List

My Awesome List – part 2! Live your life NOW!

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, every time I do a photoshoot, I will start to do something on my bucket list (which is called My Awesome List!) and would do something for someone.

I want everyone to know that no matter who you are, where you are, you can do anything if you are willing to try.

Here we go! On to part 2 of My Awesome List!

list (2)

I am so ready for my journey (that seems hard) but well! To prove that we can all follow our passions, it would definitely take some hard work there!

Is there anything that you want to accomplish? Let me know in the comments below!


If you want to follow on my journey or see more of my photos, follow this blog closely and keep an eye on my photography instagram or shoot me a message on my facebook page!  Feel free to find me on Vero at Sunkissed Camera as well! I am always active on these platforms!



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