Photography journal

My autumn photography collection

Who’s already missing autumn?

If you are, don’t worry, because I do too! I definitely miss the beautiful colors in autumn, though I am excited for summer to come!

NO FEAR! BECAUSE I AM ABOUT TO SHARE YOU MY PHOTOS FROM AUTUMN! Just to bring everyone the autumn feeling back again :D!

Since this set of photos have been sitting on my computer without being shared here yet, today I would be showing you guys a few photos from my autumn photo collection!!

41 copy

This photo is one of my favorites so far! I love how the colors magically fit so well together, and love how the leaf is highlighted to draw in everyones attention.

Sweaters, autumn leaves, photography, don’t they all make up a perfect autumn?

44 copy

Sometimes I like showing part of a person just to emphasize what the person is doing. In this photo, my subject is the autumn leaves, with the model holding his phone while I took the photo.


Following up is this photo that I took with the background of autumn leaves in the background. I love to see all the beautifully colored leaves and thought that a background with them would look amazing!

There you go! A glimpse of some of my autumn photography! I hope you have enjoyed them and felt a little more autumn-y! Let me know what you feel about this and definitely let me know if there’s anything you want to see or learn about!

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