Photography journal

A glimpse of my photography at sunset

After giving you all some tips on how to take beautiful sunset photos, I have decided to organize my photos a bit and show you the photos that I have taken.

These photos are all taken in the most normal conditions. No fancy locations, no fancy lightings, just my camera and the sunset sky.

Are you ready for them?

Here we go!!

sunset photo of me and my brother taken in 2017 summer

This is a photo of a nice sunset of me and my brother over the clear waters. I just loved the how the colors of sunset were reflected on the calm waters. Isn’t it just great?

Sunset photo of my brother taken in 2017 summer

As the sun started setting, I captured a photo of my brother while he was looking at his own reflection in the water.

sunset clouds

One reason why I really like showing everyone this photo is because it was taken with absolutely no filters and right outside of where I live.

In fact, I have taken a bunch of photos right in front of my place, just because it is convenient and nice, if you know all the tips and tricks to take great photos (if you want to know some of my tips, feel free to scroll through my other posts!)

So, there you go! A little glimpse of the photography that I have taken during sunset! I hope you have enjoyed them! Let me know what you feel about this and definitely let me know if there’s anything you want to see or learn about!

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