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A glimpse of my flower photography collection

Hi guys! Happy Friday! I hope you all are having a great week!

Since I have been sharing much about my photography tips, I felt like it might be nice to share some of my other photos that I have taken while traveling in Taiwan.

Firstly, a little bit more about Taiwan. It is a little island located in South East Asia, an extremely beautiful place with loads of hidden places that not a lot of people know about.

While Taipei, the country’s capital is known of its glamour and fabulous night markets, TaiChung and Tainan has a lot of hidden treasures, if you are a nature lover.

I’ve spent a few days in TaiChung over winter (it was my first time hey!), and have taken quite a lot of photos of the pretty flowers I’ve seen there! SO! I would LOVE to share some of them with you now!


I would love to start with this one first, just because I love the soft and light colors of the background. I would say that soft and light colors make me feel really comfortable and happy!


This is another photo that I have taken while walking through a field of flowers. I just LOVE blue flowers so much that I felt like i had to take a photo of them!


The last one is actually one of my favorites because of the blurred flowers that lay behind the main focus. It took me a while to actually capture it in the way that I wanted, but I was really happy about how the picture turned out as!

There you go! A glimpse of my flower photography collection in TaiChung! I hope you have enjoyed them! Let me know what you feel about this and definitely let me know if there’s anything you want to see or learn about!

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