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3 Camera Hacks that will improve your photos

If you are finding ways to improve the photos that you shoot, but you don’t want to invest too much on expensive gear, you are in the right place because…

today I will be showing you 3 camera hacks that can improve your photos!

Let’s jump right in to learn them!

Photo of someone taking a photo

1. Use a light source to create a lens flare/light source!
When you try to take a picture, switch on the flash light of your phone/someone else’s phone and shine it from an angle to your camera (make sure the light source is shining TOWARDS the camera, not away from it!)

Alter the angle of your phone to see different effects and you will be able to create a warm light source that mimics sunlight in your photos! This is extremely useful when you are shooting in forests, national parks and anywhere around trees!

2. Use a suncatcher
Wonder how people get rainbows on their faces? They probably have been using suncatchers! These are basically little pieces of reflective glass that can be hung around to “catch sunlight”. When sunlight passes through them, they refract the light and give you beautiful rainbows!

This would be a great way to create rainbows if you are shooting portraits indoors! They also act as nice decorations to your home too! 🙂 You can find them at a relatively affordable prize on Amazon, usually around $20-$30 dollars would get you a pretty decent one.

3. Use CDs to create beautiful effects!
If you have a CD, they would act as fabulous tools to enhance your photos. Just like flashlights, hold up the CDs while shooting, and make sure they are reflecting light TOWARDS your camera. This would create beautiful lightings on your photo and enhance them a lot!

There you go! 3 easy camera hacks that might just improve your photos a ton! I hope you have found them useful! Let me know what you feel about this and definitely let me know if there’s anything you want to learn about or know about!

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