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3 things to avoid while taking photos

a photo taken during winter 2017

If you are new to photography, you might be wondering how you should take a nice photo.

While there are many things that we can do to make our photos look nicer (feel free to learn more about those by looking at my previous posts), there are certain things that we should avoid too.

As a photographer myself, here are 3 things that I try my very best to avoid as they hinder my photo-taking.


1. Don’t use the flash too much!!
This is a BIG no-no to me. Whenever I use flash, the colors just go off balance, with the subject WAY too bright and the background super dark. You can definitely edit it, but to me, it might just be easier to not use the flash function.

Whenever my friends and I take photos, we make sure the flash is off, just because we don’t like how it makes us awkwardly white in front of the background and how it slightly distorts our face and facial expressions.

2. Don’t set the ISO too high
This is another big no-no. Some people might that that increasing the ISO is helpful in taking night portraits and therefore increase the value A LOT.

While increasing the ISO might aid you in taking night portraits as it increases the shutter speed by increasing the sensitivity, it makes your photos grainy.

The higher your ISO value is, the more granulated your photos would seem. I would rather you change the brightness of the photos afterwards than increasing the ISO too much.

3. Don’t take photos without paying attention to the background
This is very important when you take photos of people. Remember that time when someone took a photo of you, and a building/tree was sticking right out of your head?

Yep. That happened to me a lot.

Make sure this doesn’t happen to any of your models, because they would not want something placed weirdly behind them in the background.


These 3 rules, while simple, has guided me a lot in photography, making sure that I do not fall victim into mistakes that could be easily avoided.

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