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3 easy tips on improving your Instagram feed


You have a nice looking photo that you REALLY want to post, but when you post it, you just realize how different it is from the other photos on your feed.

You’ve spent A LOT of time editing a photo, just to figure out that it does not go well with your other photos.

Whenever you scroll through your favorite Instagram feeds, you are likely to notice how nice other peoples’ feeds are. The photos they post seem to be different yet similar, in a way that they mix nicely among each other.

You then try your best to make your feed neater and more consistent. HOWEVER, it is just way TOO hard to do that!

If you find yourself facing this problem, don’t worry! Here’s 3 easy tips on improving your instagram feed.


1. Have a central theme
A central theme should be something that appears in, if not all, most of your photos. This central theme should be something that you enjoying shooting a lot, since it will be something that constantly appears on your feed.

For example, you love the ocean a lot and have decided to use it as your central theme, you should include the ocean in most or all of your photos that you post on Instagram.

Now, why is this important?

This is because it makes your Instagram feed look consistent, no matter in theme, in tone or in color.


2. Apply the same filter
As filters are specially adjusted styles, they would always apply the same shades, same brightness etc. into your photos. Since they give the same shade to your photos, it would ensure your photos all get the same tones on them would enhances the consistency of your photos.

One of the filters I recommend is Juno. If you are a beginner to Instagram, you might want to try it out! But remember don’t apply it with a 100% value! Pull it just down to around 50%!


3.Stick to high quality photos!!!
Some people think that they have to constantly post to attract followers, so whenever they run out of photos, they begin posting lower quality ones.

BUT NO! Your followers DO NOT want to see low quality photos! They want to see high quality photos! Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity! It is not worth it!

While this rule sounds simple, many many people fall into this trap! So just make sure you remind yourself to post high quality photos, then you would be in great shape.


I hope you’ve found this article helpful, if you enjoyed this article, feel free to give it a like or a share and let me know what you feel about this so I can better answer your questions next time!

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If there’s anything you want to learn about or know about, leave a comment down below and I will definitely try my best to respond to your requests!


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