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A super easy guide to photo editing on your phone


When you look at all the crazy editing functions on your smartphones, sometimes you are just like Man which ones should I be using?!

You’ve taken a photo here, but you are just stuck about the editing part!

If you are not too certain about all the functions that you can use, here is an easy guide to the functions that I find the most useful.

1. Saturation
This is one of the MOST USEFUL functions to most people. What it does it to increase the intensity of all colors, so if you think your photos are a little too pale, or the contrast isn’t great enough, try increasing the saturation! It helps A LOT but beware of increasing the value too much, as it makes the colors of your photos a little fake.


2. Exposure
To me this is pretty similar to Brightness, but it makes things sharper and clearer and doesn’t make the dark areas as granulated as Brightness does.

When editing my photos, I EITHER use exposure OR brightness but usually not both.


3. Contrast
The contrast function enhances the difference between colors, for example, it makes the light colors lighter and the dark colors darker. This makes the color intensity of the photos stronger (in my opinion) and makes your photo appear sharper.

I would recommend increasing the contrast level a little for most of the photos you take, just because it makes your photo sharper and more noticeable.


4. Highlights
This one is a little tricky. It took me quite a while to figure out too. When you increase the value of “highlights”, the LIGHT colored parts would be brighter and lighter. I sometimes would use this to edit photos that are darker in color but be sure not to increase the value too much, as it would make the color of the dark and light parts inconsistent.


5. Shadows
I see this as the exact opposite to highlights as instead of the light colored part, it brings up the dark colored parts (i.e. when you increase the value, the darker colors become lighter and paler.) Again, I use it with highlights to make dark photos a little clearer.


6. Brightness
Pretty self explanatory, but highly useful. It is one of the must-uses to me. It brightens up the image a little, but be careful not to set the value of the brightness to too high, since it would make the photo VERY white, and the dark parts would become granulated.

I usually increase it by around 10-15 to ensure the image is not too dark but at the same time not too bright.


There you go, an easy explanation of the few functions on my phone that I find the most useful! Hopefully it has done a bit of an explanation to you guys!

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