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3 myths about finding your photography style


When it comes to photography styles, many people try their very best to develop a “style.” They look at other peoples’ style and wonder about how others take such nice photography.

When you search for “developing photography styles” online, you would probably find a ton of articles teaching you ways to develop a “style.”

Trust me, I have read a lot of them too and I have probably tried if not more than, as much as you guys did to find my style.

However, after a long period of trial and error, I am here to uncover 3 myths of finding your photography styles.


Are you ready?





Let’s start!

Myth 1: Copy someone’s style and you will develop your style
Nope nope! Do NOT copy someone’s style. That’s their style, not your style! Nowadays one of the most famous photographers among the young ones has to be Brandon Woelfel. If you search it online, a bunch of Youtubers have been teaching others to edit photos like him or take photos of him.

For those of you guys who do not know, his photos are known for the beautiful bokeh effects and night portraits. I definitely recommend you to check his account out and get some inspiration there.

I have once been those people who immediately try to learn as much as possible to follow his style. But NO, didn’t work out well.

The thing is, every photographer takes photos differently, even you and I take them differently. We see things differently, and we represent them differently. The combination of Brandon Woelfel makes his photography his, but not ours. If we only try to copy it, we will end up with a not-so-like-Brandon-Woelfel style. Even worse, we might lose our unique perspective.

So, be inspired but don’t copy.


Myth 2: You will develop a style as you go along
This myth is something that I’ve heard many people tell me in my life. My uncles, my friends and just nearly everyone.

Well, I do know that it takes time to develop a style. BUT you don’t just sit there trying to find commonalities between photographs to find your style, it actually requires a bit of planning at least.

Find something you really like, and just focus on playing around with that part! That would definitely give you some more inspiration.


Myth 3: Styles can be learnt from others
Nope, similar to myth 1, it is extremely hard to “learn” a style from someone. There is no such thing as 100% mimicking someone’s style and making it yours. You have to put in time, resources and hardwork in order to succeed!

Even if you can edit like a person, it is hard to mimick their angles, props, lighting and all those things!

Photography is about adventures and having fun! So relax and enjoy it a bit, plan a little once you find something you are passionate about, then slowly (don’t limit yourself) figure out your personal style.


I hope this article helped you understand a little more about developing photography styles! If you enjoyed this article, feel free to give it a like or a share.

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