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3 accessible props for photo shooting

When you pose for photos, do you find your hands dangling next to your body, ruining an otherwise beautiful photograph?

Do you simply just not know where to put your hands?

Let me teach you now, the best way to avoid such awkward photographs would be holding props.

I know, your next question would probably be, what props are you talking about? I’m doing this as an interest, and I’m not ready to invest A TON of money in buying different kinds of props!

Well, good that you have landed on my site! I will share with you the top 3 accessible props that I use whenever I’m doing a photoshoot (and this is essentially what I ask my models to prepare when I am about to take photos of them.)



1. Bring your sunglasses! (especially cool for summer/sunny places)
SUNGLASSES! The perfect prop for summer-looking places! Imagine being on a beach, or eating a cup of ice-cream! That’s the perfect time to hold onto your sunglasses because they give you the most summer-y look!

BUT be careful, make sure the background in your photo matches the pair of sunglasses, it would seem awkward if you had the pair of sunglasses on at night, or when you are wearing thick winter outfits (there are always exceptions though!).

Sunglasses are perfect combos with the beach, ice-cream and summer outfits! So get that look on and wait for summer to come!


2. Take your phone out and start talking to someone!
I love asking my models to pretend to be talking on their phones/texting on their phones because it makes their moves more natural. They also seem to enjoy it as they can ACTUALLY text people then and leave all the work for me (Lucky them!)

If you are doing a photo shoot, most likely you would have a phone with you. Hold up your phone and make sure you REALLY are doing something on the phone, and not just staring at it.

Your facial expressions are likely to change according to what you are doing on your phone, so great! Prepare to take nice photos there!


3. A hat is always great for taking photos
I can’t stress how much hats can save you from embarrassing moments! You can wear different types of hats during different seasons, which make them the perfect prop to choose from.

Instead of having your hands dangling down, you can now fix your hat randomly, or just hold onto it and pose!

I bet you would be able to come up with nice poses with them, so be prepared to get some great photos coming!


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