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3 simple ways to take great photos of nature

When it comes to taking photos of nature, we sometimes find it very hard to capture the beauty that our eyes see. Even worse, the photos turn out to show a place that looks so ordinary that it is no where close to what we actually see!

Well, how can we solve this problem?

Let me jump right into the 3 simple ways that I use to take photos of nature!


Photo taken at a beach

1. Include a human subject 
This is very important to taking good photo of nature. Think about it, whenever you try to take a photo of nature, do you find it a little bland and plain? Well, if you do, don’t worry because that’s how I feel too!

I understand that sometimes the photos you get might look well even without someone appearing on the photo, such as sunset or sunrise photos. However, when it comes to mountains, miles of grass and flowers, I always find the photos to be a little bland without a human subject.

So, I tend to include a human subject in my nature photographies in order to enrich my photos. For example, in the photo above, the person who is seen in front of the calm oceans gives perspective to the viewers, and also adds a little flavor to the entire photo.


Photograph taken while traveling

2. The human subject looks well on the side
Don’t feel like it is an obligation for you to place the human subject in the very middle! As you see in the above picture, it sometimes looks good when the human subject is located on the side.

With the presence of the human subject, your photos of nature would have more perspectives but at the same time keeps the viewers’ focus on the beautiful mother nature.


3. Match colors!
What do you mean by matching colors? By that, I mean your human subject’s clothes should match the color of the part of nature that you are photographing. I understand that this might be a little hard to do, but if you look closely at the photos I’ve shown you earlier, the human subjects wear clothes that fit into the beautiful nature.

You don’t have to be too picky about this tip. However, just keep in mind that you wouldn’t want contrasting colors in this type of photography (unless you have a theme that is about contrasting colors or something).

If not, just wear similar colors, or colors that look good with the part of nature that you are trying to photograph on. For example, if you are going to the beach, considering putting on white, blue, green or purple colored clothes. This would help you improve the colors of your photos of nature.


Hope that helps you a bit!


Want to know more about how I take photos? Comment down below on what you want to see or any questions that you have for me!

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