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3 easy ideas to pose nicely for any photos

Ah…right, a lot of people have trouble posing nicely for photos whenever they travel. My friend LOVES traveling like me, but she always comes back to the same old problem — not knowing how to pose for them.

With the beautiful scenery unfolding before her eyes, she tries her best to ask her family, boyfriend and friends to help her take photos.

But she always seems to look awkward in them!

So, how could we solve this problem?

Let’s jump right into 3 easy ideas for you to pose nicely for any type of photos!

1. Don’t look straight at the camera

One thing I always tell my models, is to “do whatever you are doing, but don’t look at me”. So, they keep on looking at things they find interesting and let me do the photo-taking.

Firstly, looking at the camera forces one to pose deliberately, causing one to feel uncomfortable before the camera. I mean, we all would feel uncomfortable when we are trying hard to smile while someone is looking.

So, I let them look away from the camera, most likely looking sideways, to create a feel that theres something interesting around them.

Here’s a photo that I absolutely love.

In the photo above, if she were to stare at the camera and smiled, the entire “cool-ness” of the photo would be destroyed.

This was taken over a year ago with my phone, and still remains as one of my favorites.

2. Walk towards or away from the camera

Another thing that helps you pose nicely and naturally, is to walk towards and away from the camera source.

As easy as it sounds, you just have to walk down the road and ask someone to take a picture of you while you are walking.

I like this type of photos as they draw your viewers into it, making them feel like they are walking down the path with you.

Here’s an example of a photo I took for my friends, who were walking towards the waves. It was taken with my Phone a year ago, but you can still see how the “walking away from the camera” effect makes the photo natural.

3. Have something to hold onto!

As you  pose, it might be good to have be hold something, as it gives the viewers something to look at (remember the focus point I’ve mentioned before?)

You can be holding an ice-cream (which I always do), a phone, sunglasses or maybe a bag. Grabbing something generally helps you pose, as your hands will have a smaller chance to be awkwardly placed.

If you are wearing a pair of sunglasses, just lift up a hand to hold onto it; if you have a bag, trying swinging it slightly; if you have an ice-cream…EAT IT!

This gives the photographer an opportunity to shoot a natural photo of you and offers you one of the most natural, and nicest pose.

Well, this concludes my post today! Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did typing it!

Want to know more about how I take photos? Comment down below on what you want to see or any questions that you have for me!

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