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3 things to know before taking sunset photography

Ever seen all those cool sunset photos that your favorite photographer takes? Wondering why every time you set off for a sunset, you almost always do not catch a good sunset?

Imagine telling your crush you would show him/her the perfect sunset, but end up seeing a slightly yellowish sky and that’s it?


But don’t worry! If you would like to know how to plan for a sunset photoshoot, you are in the right place!

So, you’ve got your gear, you’ve got your crush beside you, everything prepared, but how do you know if the sunset is going to be worth taking?

1. look at the number of clouds

One of the things that people always overlook is understanding the situation by looking at the clouds. When it is extremely cloudy, everyone knows that there’s a low chance of seeing sunset.

Some people then think that without clouds, there will be a perfect sunset. But NO! Without clouds, it is not easy to see a great sunset as sunlight can’t get reflected from anything.

The ideal case would be seeing a thin layer of clouds above, or maybe scattered clouds that are not lumped together to form a massive piece. That’s when you can see a lovely sunset.

So, make sure that it is not a cloudy day and that a thin layer of clouds is visible, then you are good to go!

See the thin layers of clouds that you can see in the photo below? Correct! Those clouds make the different color of lights visible!

sunset photography 2

2. Check the season and the exact location of the sunset

Have you ever felt like you’ve seen a sunset at a particular place, and the next time you get there, you don’t see it?

If that day is not cloudy and a thin layer of clouds is visible, what exactly is happening!?

Well, you probably forgot about the seasonal effects. During different seasons, the sun sets and rises at different spots. So, if you went there during summer and saw a great sunset, there might be a possibility that during winter, the sunset would be less appealing.

So, remember to take into account seasonal effects when planning for a sunset!

Another nice photo of sunset I took during winter 🙂

sunset photography LA

3. stay a bit longer after the sunset time

Ever wondered why you have everything set, and checked for the exact time that the sun would set, but still didn’t get to catch the gorgeous sunset?

Well, that’s because you have to be patient and wait.

The first few times when I tried taking photos of sunsets, I completely failed. Thinking I was out of luck, I scrolled through my instagram feed to see that others have taken a beautiful sunset at the exact same spot!

What was going on?!

I soon realized that you had to be very patient about sunsets. Don’t leave once it’s past the sunset time.

Give the sky some more time! Soon, you will see a beautifully painted sky unfold before your eyes.

Want to know more about how I take photos? Comment down below on what you want to see or any questions that you have for me!

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