365 Happy Days

The happiness equation


For so long,
I’ve been trying to find the way to happiness.
And yet, the answer has always been right there
and it was as simple as that.
Letting go of your fear.

My daily routine is basically consisted of me being paranoid, and asking someone to tell me everything would be okay. I question whether I would easily catch a disease, or if I would fail my exams, or get into some sort of weird things.

My mom got a little annoyed of me being so paranoid, and so did my brother.

They said “First, I think you would die of overthinking”

Well, at first I was a little upset.

Then, I realized, they were in fact right.

People say that fear, is creating problems that don’t exist.

I was creating problems that didn’t exist for myself every single time!

When things haven’t happened, I would first think about the worst;
when quizzes haven’t started, I would fear that I would run out of study time;
when I was healthy, I would fear that I would one day get a disease.


So, I’ve decided to remind myself that everything is okay, and I shouldn’t be creating problems that don’t exist.

Letting go of fear, is very very hard, as I have been used to it for so many years. (and of course, we all have our deepest fears..) but what I would suggest, for you who have the same problem as I do, start with something small, until it becomes a habit for you.

For example, before even applying for a job, don’t fear the outcome of being rejected! You still stand a chance! You have to believe in yourself, and put away the fear that’s weighing you down, in order to succeed!

Once you’ve put down your fear, you would have less worries and anxieties, and would be able to focus more on what you CAN do, instead of what you might lose. You can then watch yourself achieve a LOT more!

So, here’s my little challenge for you today.

Try to let go of one tiny fear that you have and keep it going! Let go of a little more tomorrow and in the days to come!

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