365 Happy Days

My happiness magic :>


Perhaps one day,
I would be able to come by your door
and hand you my personal happiness potion.

As a person who loves to inspire and loves to be happy. I constantly seek ways to make myself live life to the fullest and to be happier than I was the previous day.

Sometimes, I do succeed in making myself a little happier,
but sometimes, I don’t.

During those bad days, I find myself overthinking WAY too much,
and being upset over WAY too much.

As we all know, we live in an era that is full of distractions and information.
Whenever I’m on the train, I see thousands and thousands of advertisements;
whenever I dine with others, all kinds of electronic devices big and small lie perfectly still across the table;
whenever I talk to others, I receive all kinds of information that are both intended or unintended.

With all these different information coming in, I find myself panicking over many different things, fearing all the possibilities and anxious over the smallest things possible.
I get overwhelmed by all the stress around me,
so much that even little things bother me as well.

Hence, I’ve tried to come up with MORE ways to be happy.

As I’ve mentioned in my last post, happiness has to be refreshed daily. We have to keep on reminding ourselves, in order to start fresh and forget our burdens. By starting brand new, we make ourselves refreshed and prepared for a new day’s adventure (and trust me! reminding yourself really DOES WORK!)

This time, I’ve figured out something more about it. Refreshing yourself and reminding yourself is important, but there’s definitely something more to it.

Happiness requires a little work.

It is like a goal, but at the same time a process. It can’t be achieved without YOU helping yourself a little.

Take the case of going to school. You have to work hard in order to get good grades and learn more.

It is exactly the same for happiness. Put in the effort and you will see the results.

Yes, reminding yourself is part of the work you have to put into, but it also takes a lot of thinking, in order to make yourself happy.

You have to constantly remind yourself that everything is ok.
Not having what others have is ok;
not being the smartest is ok;
not being the most attractive one is ok.

And all these comes to the same point:

This is by far one of the most said words but at the same time one of the hardest to really believe in.

But I can tell you that comparing yourself to others is like comparing oranges to apples, you are all too unique and special to be compared!

Everyone is different and why not embrace yourself as being the unique one?

Once you learn how to see yourself as a special person, you would find yourself moving just one little step in your journey towards happiness.

Happiness, is actually no magic in the very beginning;
but once you put in your effort,
there, the magic begins.

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