365 Happy Days

My secret formula to happiness

Every time I stress, I complain;
and every time I complain, I get upset.
About the people around me, about my work, and about everything.

When I am upset, I tend to get mad about those who are close to me. And what happens next, is of course guilt. The guilt of getting mad about those whom I love, those whom I care. As the new semester comes to a beginning, where homework, quizzes, internship applications start to pile up, I slowly find myself in a mess so deep that I can’t find my way out.

Helpless nights pass by, desperation comes when I see my well prepared classmates, applying for internships or jobs in the matter of minutes, while I, struggle along to make the best out of what I have.

I’ve been comparing to others about my achievements, qualifications and many other things.

Yes, they all give me stress.

But what makes me the most upset, is that I don’t know how to relief it;
I don’t know where my happiness has gone.

As I actually take some time to listen to what my loved ones have to say, and to start acting instead of talking, I’ve found significant improvements in myself.

Last year, I’ve been panicking about almost everything. But this year, I’ve learnt the importance of acting. I’ve started applying for internships a little earlier, started to finish my work the day I got it, and have started to study beforehand (if possible).

Once I’ve prepared for things earlier, I’ve found myself slowly crossing out things on my to-do list, slowly throwing away the stress that’s burdening me, and pulling me down, and I’ve even come to a point where I don’t regret wasting time!

Other than acting, instead of speaking, I’ve learnt the importance of reminding myself as well.

After all these years of trying to live a happier life, I’ve come to the conclusion that everyday we tend to forget a little about what we are looking for, and forget about the motivations that once pushed us forward.

As a result, every single time I get stressed, I try my best to NOT put the blame on someone else, but try to be responsible for myself. I try to work hard, but at the same time, I remind myself of the guilt that would come afterwards if I vent my anger on someone I love.

This is HIGHLY HIGHLY effective, as it allows me to think before acting.

I still, may not have the complete formula to happiness, and sometimes, we all struggle to find it, but I’m sure that I’m making progress, on this path called life.

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