365 Happy Days

How can we be less grumpy?


I’ve told myself not to be grumpy anymore, or not to be upset because of the same problems again and again.
But every SINGLE time, I do it again.
I get mad, and I regret.

When my parents remind me to do what I have on my to-do list when I’ve just finished a ton of work; when my friends keep on asking me to solve their problems while I have a lot of problems myself; when other people don’t understand my point of view,

I get pretty grumpy.

I’ve told myself many times, that it’s no use being grumpy, because everyone has a different story, some are fighting their own battles, some are trying to do me a favor. Being grump doesn’t solve any issues, they do not make people understand me more, but only makes me myself suffer a little more.

I’ve tried writing things that trouble me down, so that I can relieve from it a little bit; I’ve tried eating snacks and calming myself down; I’ve tried thinking deep late at night, in attempt to organize my thoughts.

But the harder I try, the grumpier I get.

I get messed up by little things, like what a friend said behind my back, a messy corner in my apartment, or maybe even a meal that I don’t like to eat!

How do I change myself? How do I make myself more likeable? and most importantly,


As I come to realize the fact that peoples emotions can be affected by me, especially the ones that I love, I’ve decided to remind myself a little more, whenever I catch my little grumpiness coming out.

Every time I see something messed up, or something that really really bothers me, I TAKE A DEEP DEEP BREATH, and tell myself, “it’s ok, everyone has their own story, don’t be grumpy, be understanding!”

I’ve also tried to remind myself to be a good daughter, a good sibling and a good friend to those who matter EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

Just like our energy that perishes throughout our day, so does our reminders for ourselves.

That’s why, for you all who have the same battle that I’m fighting, I would suggest you to give yourself small reminders every day and try to take it easier.

After a few tries, you will find this little magical thing that happens:
You, and the people around you would get just a little happier day by day :D!

Make good use of today and have a great day!

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