365 Happy Days

Day 3 Let mornings sweep away your sadness — 365 Happy Days

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Mornings are precious if you learn to use them well.
They push away your sadness so you can have a brand new start.

I am a morning person and am totally in love with mornings. They keep me energized, happy and fresh.

I especially love taking in deep breaths while gazing up into the blue sky, imagining myself opening a new page in my life.

It is very easy for us to think negatively at night, or let fear creep around us, but mornings, they are fresh and new. They signify the start of a new day, and the opening of a spotless future.

I personally feel more vulnerable at night (and trust me a lot of us have been there before!) and I have trusted friends who have cried late at night because they couldn’t fall asleep and their thoughts just went to the negative side. But once mornings came, they just didn’t know why they decided to cry the previous night.

It all happened to us at some point, where nights were unbearable, and stress was piling up our shoulders.

We’ve all been there.

I’ve learned that mornings, have a special ability to keep you happy and positive and that’s when I’ve decided to make the most out of them.

1. mornings maximize productivity
I’ve recently read about an article about how we should put important work in the mornings because that’s when our productivity is maximized after a good night’s sleep. We therefore should leave important work in the morning so that we can finish them as quickly as possible.

2. mornings bring hope
If there is anything you want to do, try to do it in the morning, as you feel more energized and capable of doing the work. With hope, you create a drive for yourself to work towards your goal.

3. mornings are fresh new starts
When you picture yourself at a fresh new page, you push away everything weighing you down from yesterday, and start focusing on today. It gives you the drive, and the courage to pursue your goal.

Finally, I would love to share you a quote that has stuck with me recently

“It doesn’t matter what your past was, you have a spotless future”

Make good use of today and have a great day!

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