365 Happy Days

Day 2  Inner Peace — 365 Happy Days


When I have work, I feel overwhelmed;
when I’m free, I feel a sense of emptiness.
Either way, I feel tired, and lost.

…until the past week, when I’ve learnt to appreciate the inner peace

The past week spent in the islands, with sunshine and beaches, plus a few sudden thunderstorms, was truly a humbling experience.

Being away from home for a week, I’ve seen much more in a day than I would in a year back home.

Outside of the cities, there exist bright blue skies and turquoise colored oceans, with palm trees shooting high up into the sky.

Beaches with only a few people greeted with the calm waves coming from distant places.

Everything was beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

I’ve always seen turquoise colored oceans on TV but I’ve never dreamt of seeing it for myself, with my own eyes.

As I was wandering in a whole new place, everything seemed new, and everything was fresh. I had fun walking by the sea, looking at the evening sky and walking under the trees.

During the entire trip, I realized I’ve always been too focused on “finding something to do” that I forget having nothing to do is something we all desperately need.

As technology advances and people get smarter, we are bombarded by information every single day, leaving us insufficient time for finding the inner peace that resides inside us, the soul that yearns for a break.

As I look at the ocean, just merely absorbing the infinite beauty it holds, I realize how much we have to do in this world, how much we can see, and how much we can learn. The beauty, and stillness of the clear water reminded me of the peace that I could feel if I just took a simple moment to immerse myself in the loving arms of nature; while the sky told me stories about simplicity and happiness.

Living in the city, I’ve found myself pursuing a thing called “happiness”, and have been relying on materialistic substances to fulfill my inner peace, in order to feel less “empty”.

Yet, I’ve forgotten that inner peace cannot be satisfied with materials, but can only be found when we learn to enjoy the moment, and take a deep breath.

We are all humans, and we all need breaks to recharge ourselves.

If you are pursuing happiness like I was before, try to go somewhere pretty, and perhaps watch the waves wash onto the shore.

You might find out that happiness,
is not that hard after all.

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