365 Happy Days

The happiness equation

For so long, I’ve been trying to find the way to happiness. And yet, the answer has always been right there and it was as simple as that. Letting go of your fear. My daily routine is basically consisted of me being paranoid, and asking someone to tell me everything would be okay. I question… Continue reading The happiness equation

365 Happy Days

Day 3 Let mornings sweep away your sadness — 365 Happy Days

https://medium.com/@angrytherapist/dating-is-dead-90d5e11e4365 Mornings are precious if you learn to use them well. They push away your sadness so you can have a brand new start. I am a morning person and am totally in love with mornings. They keep me energized, happy and fresh. I especially love taking in deep breaths while gazing up into the… Continue reading Day 3 Let mornings sweep away your sadness — 365 Happy Days

365 Happy Days

Day 2  Inner Peace — 365 Happy Days

When I have work, I feel overwhelmed; when I’m free, I feel a sense of emptiness. Either way, I feel tired, and lost. ...until the past week, when I’ve learnt to appreciate the inner peace The past week spent in the islands, with sunshine and beaches, plus a few sudden thunderstorms, was truly a humbling… Continue reading Day 2  Inner Peace — 365 Happy Days